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All Key Home Inspections include (at no additional charge) a full, walk-on roof inspection - while many of our competitors will not get onto the roof, even for an extra fee.  In addition, our inspector is Haag-Certified, and has checked thousands of roofs over the last 30 years.   

See a list of everything our inspection includes here.


We offer a wide range of inspections to fit your needs.

full home inspection - interior, exterior, and roof

re-inspection - to make sure all the items listed on the                original inspection have been corrected

4-point - an abbreviated inspection that is sometimes required by insurers, this reviews the roof, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC

pre-drywall - for new construction, to check that the systems are installed properly before being covered by wall finishes

11-month inspection - before your home warranty runs out, a full home inspection including interior, exterior, and roof

roof only inspection

Every report is delivered to you within 24 hours of the completion of our visit.  We'll make sure to answer all your questions - before, during, and after the inspection. 
the KEY difference

Walk > On > Roof > Inspection

This is the KEY feature that makes us different from every other home inspection company. 


Many buyers are surprised to learn that home inspectors are not required to actually access the roof.  Most other inspection companies perform a visual inspection from a ladder or even from the ground, never setting foot on the roof or viewing it entirely. This procedure addresses only the type of roof-covering material, whether it appears that there are any active leaks, and the presence of gutters, vents, etc.   A walk-on roof inspection reveals failing pipe boots, faulty flashing, ripped or missing shingles, inadequate roof sheathing, etc.   


With our inspection, you get so much more. 

We do reserve the right to not inspect any roof where conditions are

unsafe (wet roof, sagging roof, damaged roof, etc.).



Key Home Inspections offers 5% discount for military, first responders, and teachers

We know that price is important, and we've tried hard to stay competitive.   We believe that, by including a walk-on roof inspection, we have the lowest prices in town.  If you find a lower price, let us know!  

Thanks for all you do!

For all  active first responders (law enforcement, fire department, paramedics), active public school teachers, and military personnel (active duty or retired). 


including roof.  Based on
total square footage
including attached garage. Any detached structures are not included in this pricing but can be added.

< 1000 sq ft

1001 - 1499 

1500- 1999

2000 - 2499

2500 - 2999

3000 - 3499

3500 - 3999

4000 - 4499

4500 - 4999

5000 - 5499

5500 - 5999












Please call for pricing on homes over 6000 square feet

     add $40.00 for homes with a crawl


     add $25.00 for homes built prior to 2000, and $50.00 for homes built prior to 1972




If Key handled your original inspection, we'll come back to check that everything has been repaired. 

90% of the time, a re-inspection shows that not all of the items on the repair addendum have been completed. 


Single Story

Steep Charge

(pitch greater than 6/12)





4-point inspections may be required by an insurance company for older homes, to ensure that a home's 4 main systems (roofing, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC) are still in good shape. 

A pre-drywall inspection is a great idea if you are having a new home built.  This type of inspection allows the inspector to catch problems that would later by covered up by drywall.  Half the fee for the pre-drywall inspection will be deducted from the final inspection. 

Our standard territory is 50 miles from our office; inspections outside this area will include a $1.00 per mile (one way) fee. 


Ready to schedule your home inspection?  Just click on the                                  graphic to use our online scheduler,

or contact us below and we'll be happy to handle this for you. 

A note:  You will not be able to apply any discounts when scheduling on your own - but don't worry!  You'll hear back from us that same day (usually within an hour) and we'll make sure to apply any applicable reductions for you. 




PO Box 290132

Columbia, SC 29229


Monday - Friday

9:00 am and 1:00 pm

otherwise by appointment


Don't just take our word for it....

We are so pleased to announce that, part of the HomeAdvisor group, has voted us the best home inspector of 2020!  
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